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About Niagara Worldwide

Internationally Recognized, Innovative Firm, Specializing in: Trading, Mining, Consulting, Construction Services, Demolition, Environmental Remediation along with "Full" scale Property Development Services.

The Niagara Mission

While performing our various trade and professional disciplines, Niagara Worldwide strives to be the preferred full service property development company that educates, trains, and invests in local, state and regional resources, inspiring community growth through the re-purposing of idle assets, revitalizing area economics.

Niagara Worldwide Vision

  1. Identify select properties in responsive communities
  2. Utilize best practices
  3. Redeploy, liquidate or scrap idle assets
  4. Seek site users for real estate

Niagara Worldwide Services

  • Facility Operations and Manufacturing
  • Property Re-Development / Structure Reuse
  • Commodities Trading
  • Asset Liquidation, Valuation and Private Sales
  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Construction Services: Engineering, Construction, Demolition, Rigging, Installation
  • Environmental Remediation and Decontamination Services
  • Security Installation and Enhancement
  • Utility Procurement and Distribution
  • Landfill Management and Control
  • Site Sampling, Testing and Analysis
  • Bio-Fuel Collection, Processing and Sales
  • Mineral Mining, Processing and Sales
  • Complete Site Redeployment
  • Transportation / Logistics; Rail, Truck, Shipping, Containerization

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